Learning Activities for Felicia

Oral Language Connections

Oral language / Comprehension / Inferences

Literal questions:

  • Why did Felicia decide to run away from home?
  • Why did Felicia sit down under a tree?
  • How did a tree start to grown in Felicia’s hair?
  • Who helped Felicia?
  • How did the fish help Felicia?

Open-ended questions:

  • How do you think Felicia’s mother feel when the girl ran away?
  • Why do you think Felicia did not notice that a tree was growing in her hair?


Writing activities

– Write/draw about your favorite part of the story.

– Make a list of animals that made Felicia’s hair their home. Which other animals could have done the same?

– Write/draw about your favorite part of the story.

– Write a card to Felicia giving her advise on how to take care of self.

– Draw and/or write what happened at the beginning, middle and end of the story.

– Write a thank you note to the gnome / frogs / fish / king fish.


Math Connections

– Guessing game – Place seeds in a container and have the kids guess how many they are and then count. Compare results.

– Create addition and subtraction problems.

  • Addition: There were 3 animals living in Felicia’s hair. On the following day 4 more came. How many animals are living in Felicia’s hair now?
  • Subtraction: There were ten creepy crawlies living in Felicia’s hair, 3 ran away. How many are still in the girls’ hair?
  • Write the equations in more than one form, such as vertical and horizontal. Use a number line to show the problem.

– Pattern – Use different seeds to make a patterns. Label your patterns AB, ABC, ABB, etc.

– Graphing –

– Number game (memory, concept of one more) – First player says, “I went to grandma and took 1 apple”. The second player will add two of something. “I went to grandma and took 1 apple and 2 bananas.” The third player adds three of something else to the list. “I went to grandma and took 1 apple, 2 bananas, and 3 cupcakes.” And so on. Each player adds something that is one more than the previous. The children will need to focus and remember the previous objects in the basket. You can use the number line to show the next number.


Acting Out

Children pretend a tree is growing bigger and heavier on their heads. How would you walk, sit, eat?


Design & Technology

Use play dough or clay to make the basket. Here is a good play dough recipe.

Make Felicia’s head with paper-mache or a Styrofoam ball. Add creepy-crawlies. Hair can be made of wool.