Learning Activities for Kiboko


Draw a map that includes all the places from the story and also the roads connecting them. Make sure you included the hippo’s lake, the roundabout, the steep cliff, the Pink Lake and the sea. I suggest you start by writing on the edges of your paper the directions North, South, East and West.


Design technology

Make dioramas (or simply draw) of the roundabout before and after Kiboko placed the signs on the road.


Open-ended questions:

Why do you think some animals tricked Kiboko?

Why do you think the snake was slithering around the baobab tree?

What do you think happened to the snake that tricked Kiboko?

What would you have done with the money found in the tree?

Write about the animals that the flamingos helped. Write their names, state the problem they had and the kind of help they received.

Why do you think Kiboko’s favorite thing to do was to go to the roundabout every week to check the signs he built, instead of just swimming in the blue waters of the sea?

Kiboko tricked the monkeys by telling them the truth, assuming the monkeys would interpret his words in a different way. What do you think about that?

What names do you think Kiboko wrote on the signs he built for the roads leading away from the roundabout?

Do you have a dream?


Research questions:

What is the difference between an Acacia tree and a Baobab tree?

What do hippos eat?

What are the differences between the common river hippos and the pygmy hippos?

Do hippos really sweat blood?

Are hippo’s endangered?

Why are hippo’s poached?


Note: If you are a PYP school, please email me for the possibility of receiving a book for your school.

Questions for students at IB world schools:

Which attributes of the Learner Profile can you see in Kiboko and in the Flamingos?

Which attributes of Kiboko and the Flamingos do you have or would you like to have?

Have you demonstrated any of these attributes? When? How?

Can you link the attributes of the IB Learner Profile to any of the characters in the story?

How about the PYP attitudes? Did any of the characters demonstrated the PYP attitudes?

Are there any communicators in the story? How did they use their communication skills?

If someone deceives another using persuasion and deceit do you still consider them good communicators?



Hippopotamus Facts:

Hippo Facts at National Geographic Kids

Hippo Facts at the Live Science website.

Hippo Facts at Animal Planet

Hippo Facts at San Diego Zoo

Hippo info at New World Encyclopedia


Check out these “Surfing Hippos” at Petit Loango, in Gabon.